Bubble Machine II

Bubble Machine II

Bubble Machine II is the most recent iteration of my Bubble Machine Series. It made its debut at the 2000 Livid festival and has had many outings since then, including the inaugural Ideas Festival, the Redcliffe Festival, River Festival and others.

In 2006 Bonga Films travelled to Australia to shoot a mini-documentary about my artwork – the main subject of which was Bubble Machine II. The documentary was commissioned by Converse as part of a series of shorts about creatives around the world, to celebrate the launch of their ‘international’ website. The video (no longer available on the converse site) can be accessed below.

Its features include: Front Independent Suspension, Rolling Beam Rear Suspension, 6 Wheel Drive, 6 Wheel Steer, Electric Door and 2 High Capacity Bubble Blowers.

BMII was sponsored by Arts Queensland, Livid Festival and Cascade Place.


Photos from the BMII Build

6wheelerbubslide copy

motorhousing copyrearwheels copy