About Bubble Machine III

About Bubble Machine III

Bubble Machine III is currently in development. It will be a six-legged walking machine that … ummm … blows bubbles. It will have 3DOF [degrees of freedom] in each leg, with the joints electrically powered by Servo Linear Actuators.

A further development to this would be the inclusion of accelerometers and force sensors in the legs so they can automatically adapt to the terrain they are traversing.

I am intending to use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 ) batteries. Additionally, the machine will have a folding solar array (capable of tracking the sun) which will top up the batteries when the machine is stationary for a period of time.

New and improved bubble blowers will have shock dampeners and a linear actuator which will keep the bubble blowers ideally positioned at all times. I am also looking at developing a blower that will produce giant bubbles.