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BMIII (proof of concept) Video

Snippet of the Bubble Machine III (proof of concept) at Digital Disruptions, Caloundra Gallery. Courteousy of Channel 7 News, Sunshine Coast.


BMIII (proof on concept) DONE!

Bubble Machine III (proof of concept) is on display until March 15 in the Caloundra Regional Gallery’s Digital Disruptions exhibition. Not only does it walk, it has two miniature (working) bubble cannons!



I have been using Geomagic Design (software) to work out leg geometry and inverse kinematics for the legs, how and where the batteries and linear actuators fit and the weight. My initial concept sketch is shown below, as well as a rough tracing I took from it in order to to translate the silhouette of …


Step One …

This is the first step in the proof on concept chain – very basic, small acrylic hexapod (built with cheap RC servos). The next step will be a 3D fully-functioning ‘sketch’ using 18 linear actuators (three degrees of freedom) to work out the electronics on a half sized (proportional) machine.


Splendour Bound?

Splendour in the Grass has expressed interest in debuting BM3 at its events in 2015. We were invited along in 2014 to scope out the suitability of the event.


About Bubble Machine III

Bubble Machine III is currently in development. It will be a six-legged walking machine that … ummm … blows bubbles. It will have 3DOF [degrees of freedom] in each leg, with the joints electrically powered by Servo Linear Actuators. A further development to this would be the inclusion of accelerometers and force sensors in the …